Ermolaevsky 17

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AUGUST 05 — SEPTEMBER 26, 2021

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a new project — Russian Language Textbook — which explores the visual forms and images that had been familiar to every Soviet person since childhood as well as their reflection in contemporary art.


August, 4th — September, 26th 2021

Space for Art. Conflict Check project is the first part of Space for Art. The Third Place program. The program is intended as a series of exhibitions and public events, with each project carried out by two artist-run initiatives from Russian cities and post-Soviet countries.

June 17, 2021 — July 25, 2021

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is happy to announce Commentary to Community, or How to Win Friends — a solo exhibition by Alina Desaytnichenko, which is held within the Photography/Commentary program of the Museum.


MAY 27 — JULY 25, 2021

As part of the MMOMA Education Center program Collection. Vantage Point program, Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a new project Touch the Shutter Button dedicated to analysing the way artists are portrayed in the art of the XX-XXI centuries.


April 20 —— May 16, 2021

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Kotä present 11 artists from Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, and Russia who explore the present moment through the language of sound and technological art. The exhibition is located on five floors of the MMOMA Education Center. The project will be complemented by an extensive in-person and online public program, which will cover topics such as new media art, eco-empathy, non-institutional initiatives, and other issues.

January 22 — April 11, 2021

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition of an unconventional format, dedicated to the books published by Vladimir Krichevsky, an art historian and researcher, one of the few Russian authors specializing in the theory and history of graphics, typography and font design.

January 22 — April 11, 2021

FRONT TO BACK! is a project prepared as part of the Collection. A Vantage Point Program implemented by the MMOMA education center. The exhibition introduces the viewer to a unique aspect of the museum collection showing them the reverse side of artworks.

October 20 — December 9, 2020

On October 19, as part of the BURO. ИEW COOГ annual cross-cultural festival hosted by the BURO online outlet, the exhibition project 20:20. Time Has Stood Still exploring new rituals and habits that appeared or exacerbated in 2020 during the pandemic and general social instability will open at the Educational Center of Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Ermolaevsky Lane venue) supported by the Cosmoscow Foundation and MMOMA.

September, 1 — October, 11, 2020

The project Matochkin Shar ** Compass Strait is a new installation in the exhibition series realised as part of the program Collection. Vantage Point, which puts major focus on the research and presentation of artworks from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Each of the previous displays of the programme has relied on a unique method and perspective on the Museum’s collection: from conceptual to formal.

April, 14th — June, 14th 2020

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the Paper Cinema, a memorial exhibition of Georgy Danelia, a classic of Soviet and Russian cinema, being the first-ever display of the famous film director’s drawings and illustrations. The project will feature several series of his graphic oeuvres from the period he worked on the Splendid Days (Seryozha), Don’t Grieve, Mimino, Kin-dza-dza and other equally well-known films displayed along with posters, photos and video documentation.

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