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December 24, 2022 – February 19, 2023

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is proud to introduce a new project Faces and Figures: The Journey of Images that is a part of the Collection. Viewpoint program. The exhibition will spread over two floors of the museum’s Education Center.

October 26 — December 4, 2022

The family exhibition PLAYMMOMA. METAMORPHOSIS explores how contemporary art and different artistic practices help us better understand ourselves and others. The exhibition occupies the two floors of the Education Center and transforms one of the MMOMA’s buildings into an ecosystem that reminds one of a tree.

AUGUST 11 — OCTOBER 16, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) presents «White Cube. August», an exhibition that continues the «Collection. Vantage Point» program of compact, laboratory-mode displays of the museum’s holdings. The nominalistically simple and yet enigmatic title of the project functions as a kind of a cipher.

June 29 — October 9 , 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a significant project for the exchange of cultural heritage with Yakutia, a unique and world-famous region of Russia. The exhibition is prepared jointly with the AyarKut Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art and with the support of the Yuri Gagarin Center for Culture and Contemporary Art.

April 5 — July 31, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art announces Alienation Mechanism, a new exhibition held by the MMOMA Education Center as part of the Collection. Vantage Point program. The project addresses one of the founding cultural myths of the 20th century — the phenomenon of alienation and entropy, detachment and estrangement.

March 22 — June 19, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents The Right to Believe, an exhibition by the Russian photographer and artist Fyodor Telkov. Telkov dedicated his practice primarily to the study and creation of a portrait of his native Urals region of Russia. This project is part of the Photography / Commentary program.

February 11 — March 27, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents a new exhibition The Dawn of the World and Yesterday’s Events as part of the MMOMA Educational Center’s Collection. Vantage Point program of the MMOMA Education Center.

February 11 — March 13, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art together with the Embassy of Sweden in Russia presents the exhibition Dreamland Wasteland by Ylva Westerlund and Mats Adelman, the first project within the special program Northern Travelogue: Swedish Artists at the MMOMA 2022-2023.

November 30, 2021 — January 30, 2022

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, with the support of the Embassy of Finland in Moscow and the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg, presents the exhibition together, noting, which showcases the works of 11 Finnish artists following the research trip to Finland.


October, 23th — November, 21st 2021

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the PLAYMMOMA 2.0 family interactive exhibition and project, being part of the Territory.


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