23 Books by Vladimir Krichevsky
Владимир Кричевский. Обложка: графическое лицо эпохи революционного натиска 1917–1937. 2002
Б.П. Хохлов. Нога и колодка.1931
Владимир Кричевский. Борр: книга о забытом дизайнере дцатых и многом другом, включая особенности оформления этой самой книги.2004
Нина Симонович-Ефимова. Плакат с обложки книги Владимира Кричевского «Идеальный дизайн», 2012
Нина Симонович-Ефимова. Плакат с обложки книги Владимира Кричевского «Идеальный дизайн», 2012
Date: January 22 — April 11, 2021
Venue: MMOMA Education Center, Yermolayevsky Lane, 17

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition of an unconventional format, dedicated to the books published by Vladimir Krichevsky, an art historian and researcher, one of the few Russian authors specializing in the theory and history of graphics, typography and font design. All 23 books written by him, published in the author’s graphic design, are on display within the framework of the project. Vladimir Krichevsky devoted his works to the book design, considering the specifics of cover creation, font design, text and illustrations arrangement in limited space, use of colors. Many undeservedly forgotten graphic designers of the last century have now regained their recognition thanks to Vladimir Krichevsky’s monographs.

Vladimir Krichevsky manages to organically combine the role of writer and designer, his contribution to the preservation of unique samples of typography is difficult to overestimate.

The exposition at the MMOMA displays books written and designed by Krichevsky. Conceptually illustrated, these books can be said to be complete. Each book is represented by a cover and a distinctive spread. Material inspirations play an important role in Krichevsky’s works.That’s why, together with printed editions the exhibition displays objects, which inspired the author to create his work. The artist found an important source of inspiration in the covers of the popular editions from his own collection of Soviet books or common polygraphic products.

In his fundamental work Typography in Terms and Images (in two volumes) Vladimir Krichevsky compiles the most comprehensive professional vocabulary of design and typography concepts, supported by the appropriate illustrative series. Analyzing the symbolism and the universal language of signs in everyday design is the main objective Vladimir Krichevsky seeks in his research works. The author has devoted several books to the study of book covers of the 1920s and 1930s. These works clearly illustrate the goals and methods of graphic design of each decade, and explore the main features of the language used by the key designers of the era. The specifics of graphic art of the 1960s, the poetics of formalism of the 1930s, ‘stick’ font and Art Nouveau typography are only some of the topics touched by Vladimir Krichevsky in the hundred of his articles. All the books are published as booklets, the form which best corresponds to the author’s artistic principle. The exhibition catalog done out in Krichevsky’s design includes the revised and expanded text of The Poetics of Print — the 1995 book which dwells on the origins of Krichevsky’s professional interest.

About the Author

Vladimir Krichevsky was born in Moscow in 1947. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (MPI) with a dissertation titled Rational Concept of Typography.

Krichevsky taught and conducted research at Moscow universities, lectured on fonts and typography at universities in Amsterdam, The Hague, London and other European cities, worked as an editor and designer in magazines for graphic artists and architects such as Yes! (1994-1996) and Project Russia (1996-1997).

Selected exhibitions:

45 Items from Three Collections of Vladimir Krichevsky (Moscow, Laboratory art gallery)

International Exhibition Contemporary Art and Childhood (Valencia, IVAM Center, consultant of the Russian section)

Russian Covers 1922-1932 (Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, curator of the museum collection)

Jan van Toorn. Dialogue with the Public (MMOMA, member of the curatorial group, editor and compiler of the catalog)

33. Dutch Museum Poster (Tula Historical and Architectural Museum, curator of the exposition based on the author’s collection)

Nikolai Ilyin at Nizhpolygraph 1922-1931 (Nizhny Novgorod Arsenal, curator of the exposition based on the author’s collection)