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Works of 1960s-2000s from collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art

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Works of 1960s-2000s from collection of Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Кураторы: Olga Turchina, Vladimir Prokhorov
Vladimir Sterligov "Ascension". Geometric composition, 1967-69, oil on canvas
Viktor Pivovarov "Loaf", 2002, oil on fiberboard
Viktor Pivovarov "Morning, afternoon, evening, night" 2002, oil on canvas mounted on fiberboard
Date: February 11 – April 10, 2016
Venue: Victoria Gallery, 2 Nekrasovskaya Street, Samara

Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition project, which will introduce the viewers of Samara to the collection of artists, who belong to the so-called informal wave, i.e. from nonconformists of the 60s, ideological inspirers of creative resistance to official art and stagnation, to the generation of young conceptualists.

The Victoria Gallery (Samara) will host more than 40 artworks, specially selected by the curators of MMOMA. The Nonconformism as a Starting Point exhibition will be the second project of MMOMA in the gallery. In 2014, the gallery presented the 2.0 exhibition from collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Multimedia Art Museum, timed to the 20th anniversary of the NOVATEK company. The current project will continue the series of MMOMA projects, prepared for display in Russian regions as a part of cultural exchange, designed to erase the boundaries between the capital and the provincial, to maintain a single rhythm of the artistic life of the country.

The Nonconformism as a Starting Point project will provide the most complete picture of the formation and development of the informal wave in the Russian art by the example of works by artists, who are central figures of the movement. First of all, they are members of the Lianozovo group, i.e. Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Nemukhin, as well as independent masters, i.e. Mikhail Shvartsman, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Boris Sveshnikov, Oleg Tselkov, Vladimir Yankilevsky. This group of artists, often called the second avant-garde, was inspired by revolutionary trends of art of the early 20th century. The Khrushchev Thaw, rapprochement of the Soviet society with the rest of the world, allowed nonconformists to act more actively. Nevertheless, the artists suffered cruel persecutions of the authorities that was clearly manifested during the celebrated Bulldozer Exhibition. In the 1970s, new names and the new postmodernist discourse, expressed by the Moscow Conceptualism, appeared. This part of the project is represented by Ilya Kabakov, Dmitri Prigov, Andrey Monastyrsky, Viktor Pivovarov. Next to them there are bold experiments of representatives of the Sots Art, i.e. Boris Orlov, Leonid Sokov and Alexander Kosolapov. And at last, the overall picture of the Russian underground art is complemented by works by artists of the 80s, i.e. Vadim Zakharov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Timur Novikov. The exhibition also comprises works by lesser-known artists, but they contribute bright accents to the whole collection as well.

The project curators were invited to expand the range of the exhibits with works, created in the post-Soviet period. Thus, the viewer has the opportunity to compare the creative method of masters before and after, to trace the movement of ideas in the unofficial trend. Now, many of these authors are well-known in the Russian as well as in the world art, therefore, it is doubly interesting to refer to their starting points. Unfortunately, many of the artists have passed away, but the development of the contemporary art proves the sharpness of their ideas and relevance of artistic practices.