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Expansion of The Object
A special exhibition project by Moscow Museum of Modern Art
David Burliuk
27х34,6 см.
Boris Turezkiy
61,5х51,5х9,5 см.
Elena Berg
«Apotheosis of the wall»
150 х 150 см
Date: March 1 – September 29, 2013
Venue: Petrovka 25

Curated by Lyudmila Andreeva, Boris Mikhailov, Olga Turchina

Exhibition Design by MASSTAM studio, Boris Mikhailov, Nadezhda Borzenkova, Igor Guskov

Moscow Museum of Modern Art invites you to pay special attention to one of the most important topics of the 20th −21st cc., i. e. existence of an object and history of its transformation in visual arts. Curators touch upon the issue of existence of a thing like a symbol and an object having numerous connotations, which appear depending on the angle of view, proposed by an artist. Masters, whose artworks will be exhibited at the Expansion of the Object special exhibition project, deal with collage, relief, assemblage and readymade.

In the early 20th c., artists actively used an object in their experiments, which was not just a model for a picture, but fully or partially appeared in the artwork. In the second half of the century, it became a full-fledged object of art. The present exhibition researches ways, interweaving, debates and two-way influences of different themes, art solutions, genres and methods in oeuvres of contemporary artists. It presents all possible sides of the objective reality in art and its existence in diverse physical and mental spaces.

The exhibition structure is based on the idea of demonstrating the variety of relationships between the artist and the objective reality, from use of plastic qualities in the outline of the artwork to the active addition of things in the composition, violating semantic links and relationships, from deconstruction of the integrity of an object to creation of fragmentary constructions, endowed with new values. The themes of using different materials, elaboration of innovative methods and combination of several compositional and conceptual layers in a single artwork are emphasized. The viewer can see the process of destruction of the whole and birth of new forms, retired from the utilitarian sphere and reborn in the contemporary art.

A broad view of thingness is a key notion of the exhibition concept. It explains the diversity of sides and a long list of authors. Participating artists are masters of various periods of the 20th −21st cc. The range of artworks is not limited to the MMOMA collection.

Among artists there is Vladimir Izdebskiy, David Burliuk, Boris Turetskiy, Oscar Rabin, Elena Berg, Boris Orlov, Anatoly Brusilovskiy, Boris Smertin, Igor Makarevich, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Boris Mikhailov, Andrey Diukov, Anna Zhelud, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Vyacheslav Koleichuk, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ivan Chuikov, Alexander Sokolov, Ivan Lungin, Vadim Voinov.