Selected works
Special projects
ELECTIONS: exhibition of a single artwork from collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Александра Паперно. Без названия 6.
Из серии «Birding». 2010.
Холст, акрил, слои рисовой бумаги. 200×160
Виктор Пивоваров. Утро, день, вечер, ночь. 2002.
Холст на оргалите, масло. 60 х 85
Date: JULY 23, 2011 — JUNE 15, 2012

Curators: Anna Arutyunyan, Oksana Voronina, Andrey Egorov, Nina Lavrishcheva, Vladimir Prokhorov, Olga Turchina

During 2011-2012, workers of the Scientific Department together with the workers of the PR Department elaborated and organized a multipart interactive project titled «ELECTIONS: exhibition of a single artwork from collections of Moscow Museum of Modern Art».

The Elections project is the first experience in the Russian museum practice of attracting viewers to the choice of exhibits demonstrated in the museum. Within the project the viewers were offered another model of interaction, based on his/her direct involvement in the process of creation of the exposition. Any visitor of the museum and the website was given an opportunity to show his/her artistic attitude and to vote for one of five artworks. The project was a result of the search of new, non-trivial formats of interaction with the audience, real and virtual. It was an important precedent of introduction of information technologies and interactive principles in the experience of perception of the museum’s collection.

There were seven rounds of the Elections project (five rounds occurred in 2012). The curators were workers of the Scientific Department. In each case, a curator or a group of curators elaborated an original concept of the round, selected five artworks for voting and wrote a general explication. Images of the works and all the texts, including explanatory annotations for each work, were placed in the project web-site (, as well as presented in printed matter (leaflets and banners). Voting for each round was in the interactive format on the page of the project and in the MMOMA venue at 25 Petrovka Street. According to the results, the winning work was displayed at the end of the corridor on the ground floor of the venue at Petrovka Street. Thus, 35 artworks from the museum’s collections were exhibited during the project.

The presentation of the project took place during the Picnic of the Afisha in summer of 2011. The end of the project occurred during the Festival INTERMUSEUM-2012.

Artworks, exhibited in the museum during the project:

Aleksandra Ekster
Woman with a Fish
The first half of the 1930s
Oil on canvas

Marina Alekseeva
Gymnasium. From the series «They are inside»
Mixed media, video

Mikhail Kosolapov
Klein Blue Mound
Mixed media

Varvara Rodchenko, Nikolai Lavrentiev
Vladimir Mayakovsky
Photo paper, silver bromide print, photomontage

Aidan Salakhova
Diptych from the series «Destination»
Pencil, acrylic and gold paint on canvas
200×40 (each part)

Aleksandra Paperno
Untitled 6. From the series «Birding»
Acrylic on canvas, layers of rice paper

Viktor Pivovarov
Morning, Day, Evening, Night
Oil on canvas on hardboard