The Long March. 1969
Print on paper

Peter Weibel’s «electric poem» was recorded on audiotape. The installation consisted of four parallel steel plates in wooden frames, on which push buttons were installed and connected to three tape recorders. The visitor, or listener, could choose to push one button and hear one part of the text. But pressing two buttons simultaneously he or she also got an electric shock. Towards the end of the installation, the voltage that ran through the plates increased

Electric Poem for The Long March. 1969
Typewritten text on paper

abolition of architects
abolition of conductors
abolition of capital letters

abolition of language
abolition of nature
abolition of the state
abolition of communication
abolition of art

abolition of cunt + dick
abolition of bisexualism
abolition of the constitution
abolition of the execution laws of administration
abolition of legal authorities
abolition of rent
abolition of charges
abolition of universities
abolition of law
abolition of traffic safety
abolition of security

abolition of literature
abolition of identity
abolition of space and time
abolition of society
abolition of energy
abolition of laws of nature
abolition of inertia
abolition of light
abolition of the human being
abolition of the image
abolition of labour
abolition of exploitation
abolition of the senses
abolition of sense

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