Art Military Campaign. 1969
Collage, print on paper

‘In the 60s I was part of several artistic revolutionary movements in Austria. In particular, I was probably the only member of the radical political movement that I called WAR (War Art Riot). I performed several anonymous anti-state actions, as well as public artistic actions against state power under my name. Some such actions happened at Underground Explosion — a series of concerts for up to 4,000 people, which took place in big sport halls in Germany, and featured rock groups like Amon Düül and radical performance. In Essen my action with Valie Export became too radical. Police interrupted the performance and for the rest of the tour in Germany I was excluded because of the public scandals my actions caused. Only in Zurich I could participate again, but was chased away by the police from the stage, so I had to flee half naked. I had many more plans, ideas and projects. Some of the drawings are in the exhibition’.

Tap and Touch